Pathguide: the pathway resource list
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Statistical Summary of Pathguide Resources

Note that some enumerations, such as the resources under Availability, are exclusive while others, such as those under Tools, may count the same resource for every criteria it satisfies.

Unelss otherwise noted, the values represent the number or resources that contain/satisfy the specified data/criteria.

The "Contents" section also includes values denoted as "Totals". This is a simple summation and does not account for any overlaps in data between the resources.

Total Resources547
Resources with Primary Data Sources273
Resources with Secondary Data Sources262
Free to all users420
Not currently available70
Free to academic users31
License purchase required26
Data Access Methods  
Keyword searches437
Browsing / Canned queries379
Download in other format368
Download in BioPAX format41
Download in PSI format40
Download in SBML format30
SQL queries8
Download in CellML format2
Pathway diagram tools84
Interaction or functional association prediction84
Text mining23
Pathway discovery tools23
Expression analysis12
Homo sapiens179
Mus musculus111
Saccharomyces cerevisiae82
Arabidopsis thaliana71
Rattus norvegicus71
Drosophila melanogaster69
Caenorhabditis elegans62
Escherichia coli44
Oryza sativa28
Danio rerio24
Schizosaccharomyces pombe22
Bos taurus21
Helicobacter pylori18
Plasmodium falciparum17
Bacillus subtilis17
Zea mays11
Xenopus laevis10
Human immunodeficiency virus9
Hepatitis C virus7
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii5
Dictyostelium discoideum4
Mycoplasma pneumoniae3
Takifugu rubripes2
Pneumocystis carinii1
Protein-Protein Interactions263
Metabolic Pathways134
Signaling Pathways99
Protein-Compound Interactions81
Transcription Factors / Gene Regulatory Networks80
Pathway Diagrams62
Genetic Interaction Networks29
Protein Sequence Focused26
Resources containing small molecules80
Total small molecules35,015,225
Resources containing genes/proteins282
Total genes/proteins4,688,061,075
Resources containing interactions/reactions268
Total interactions/reactions3,693,352,511
Resources containing pathways111
Total pathways6,902,941
Resources containing experiments99
Total experiments3,293,780
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"Pathguide: the pathway resource list" is maintained by Gary Bader1,2 and Sylva Donaldson2.
The website was originally created by Michael Cary 1 and was significantly updated and redesigned by Vuk Pavlovic2.
Thanks to Emek Demir for the Pathguide name.

1. Sander Group at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
2. Bader Lab

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