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Short NameGuide to Pharmacology
Full NameGuide to Pharmacology
Last ObservedMarch 12th, 2017
DescriptionThe Guide to Pharmacology integrates data from two complementary resources, the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) database (IUPHAR-DB, and the British Pharmacological Society Guide to Receptors and Channels (GRAC). It is an open-access portal to expert-curated information on the targets of about half of all current licensed drugs and many targets of emerging pharmacological interest, with key references and recommended experimental drugs. The aim is to provide a "one stop shop" for information on all current and novel pharmacological targets presented in an easily digestible format intelligible to basic and clinical scientists from all disciplines.
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Data SourceSecondary
AvailabilityFree to all users
PubMed ArticlesIUPHAR-DB: the IUPHAR database of G protein-coupled receptors and ion channels.
Harmar AJ, Hills RA, Rosser EM, Jones M, Buneman OP, Dunbar DR, Greenhill SD, Hale VA, Sharman JL, Bonner TI, Catterall WA, Davenport AP, Delagrange P, Dollery CT, Foord SM, Gutman GA, Laudet V, Neubig RR, Ohlstein EH, Olsen RW, Peters J, Pin JP, Ruffolo RR, Searls DB, Wright MW, Spedding M.
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IUPHAR-DB: new receptors and tools for easy searching and visualization of pharmacological data.
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Guide to Receptors and Channels (GRAC), 5th edition.
Alexander SP, Mathie A, Peters JA
Br J Pharmacol. 2011 Nov;164 Suppl 1:S1-324.

New updated GRAC Fifth Edition with searchable online version Launch of new portal Guide to Pharmacology in association with NC-IUPHAR Transporter-Themed Issue.
Alexander S, Harmar A, McGrath I
Br J Pharmacol. 2011 Dec;164(7):1749-50.

How to use the IUPHAR receptor database to navigate pharmacological data.
Mpamhanga CP, Sharman JL, Harmar AJ; NC-IUPHAR.
Methods Mol Biol. 2012;897:15-29.

IUPHAR-DB: updated database content and new features.
Sharman JL, Benson HE, Pawson AJ, Lukito V, Mpamhanga CP, Bombail V, Davenport AP, Peters JA, Spedding M, Harmar AJ; NC-IUPHAR.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2013 Jan;41(Database issue):D1083-8.

Guide to pharmacology.
Singh J
J Pharmacol Pharmacother. 2012 Jul;3(3):291-2.

The IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY: an expert-driven knowledgebase of drug targets and their ligands.
Pawson AJ, Sharman JL, Benson HE, Faccenda E, Alexander SP, Buneman OP, Davenport AP, McGrath JC, Peters JA, Southan C, Spedding M, Yu W, Harmar AJ; NC-IUPHAR.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2014 Jan;42(Database issue):D1098-106.

The IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY in 2016: towards curated quantitative interactions between 1300 protein targets and 6000 ligands.
Southan C, Sharman JL, Benson HE, Faccenda E, Pawson AJ, Alexander SP, Buneman OP, Davenport AP, McGrath JC, Peters JA, Spedding M, Catterall WA, Fabbro D, Davies JA; NC-IUPHAR.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 Jan 4;44(D1):D1054-68.

Types of DataProtein-Compound Interactions
Types of Tools
Small Molecules: 584
Genes / Proteins: 2,825
Experiments / PubMed IDs: 31,733
Last Content Update: August 22nd, 2017
Major OrganismsHomo sapiens
Relative Popularity64
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