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Short NameReactome
Full NameReactome KnowledgeBase
Last ObservedFebruary 24th, 2017
DescriptionReactome is an open-source, curated database of human biological pathways, authored by expert biologists in collaboration with Reactome staff and peer-reviewed. Reactome's rationale is to convey the expert consensus view supported by information contained in the literature in a reusable, computationally accessible format. The core unit of Reactome's data model is the reaction, which encompasses all events in biology that change the state of a biological molecule. Binding, activation, translocation, degradation and classical biochemical catalysis events are all included. Reactions connect to form pathways. Reactome pathways cover a diverse range of biology including signaling, innate and acquired immune function, transcriptional regulation, translation, apoptosis and classical intermediary metabolism. Curated human pathways are used to infer orthologous events in 20 non-human species including mouse, rat, chicken, worm, fly, yeast, plants and bacteria.

The Reactome website includes a pathway browser and a suite of data analysis tools to support pathway-based analysis of experimental data. Pathways are represented graphically using a Systems Biology Graphical Notation (SBGN)-based representation, with zooming, scrolling and event highlighting capabilities. PSICQUIC web services can be used to overlay molecular interaction data from the Reactome Functional Interaction Network and external interaction databases such as IntAct, ChEMBL, BioGRID and iRefIndex. Reactome software and data are freely available for download in multiple formats including MySQL, BioPAX, SBML and PSI-MITAB. Data is also accessible through our Web Services APIs.
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Data SourcePrimary
AvailabilityFree to all users
PubMed ArticlesReactome: a knowledge base of biologic pathways and processes.
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Types of DataMetabolic Pathways, Signaling Pathways, Pathway Diagrams
Types of ToolsPathway discovery tools
Small Molecules: 1,763
Genes / Proteins: 131,488
Interactions / Reactions: 84,759
Pathways: 22,928
Experiments / PubMed IDs: 26,859
Last Content Update: July 5th, 2017
Major OrganismsHomo sapiens
Relative Popularity1160
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